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I really didn’t understand it for the first week or so

Regarding the commission schedule – it is indeed difficult to get a grasp on it the first time you see it. I had no clue about how it all worked. It didn’t deter me from getting involved. I was confident that I would be able to figure it out. Now I’m an expert (big deal . . its not that difficult). I tell people they will NOT be able to fully understand the points and the left leg and right leg with one look . . . but that’s ok. For a confident, succesful entrepreneur with some good contacts this makes great sense for a mere $.

But so what?

With my core business, I have a staff of 10 people right now and I’m renting 3,500 sq feet of office space – between rent, insurance, copiers, faxes, reems of paper and ink jets, it costs me $12,000 a month just to open the doors (not including payroll, obviously) When I show this business to people, some get it and some don’t . . . that’s fine. The overly analytical people that need to do all kinds of research and want to see financials and track records etc just don’t get it . . . this is $ No one is asking for $200,000 to go partners in a restaurant – this is $448 . . . the cost of a Callaway Driver or a dinner for 4 at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse.

I also tell them that if you ‘google’ shop to earn you will see some negative stuff, but if you trust ME, I am here to tell you that most of it is from either the lazy mis-informed, mlm competitors, or self-promoting fraud book authors. Hi Tracy C. .

Here’s what I tell people All you need is a rolodex and half a brain and you can make this work. I don’t want just anyone in my business . . . I want the 10% of the people that “see” this amazing e-commerce business and can’t sleep that night as they write down all the names of like-minded, succesful biz owners and professionals that are tired of trading hours for dollars. People like me who would never even consider an MLM business in the past. Its a part-time effort, and with a little luck (people you don’t even know enter your biz and grow it) it can be life-changing.

STE in a nutshell . . Low down side, huge upside . . . helping others, saving money, earning money, going green . . . should I go on?

, Hey Mr. Zero, How’s the shop to earn still working out for you. I heard you moved on to other scams. What is it energy something or other. What’s next.

You could have done 2 minutes of research to see the business was growing just fine before you posted that STE was dying, but you didn’t

STE does allow members access to how many people have joined the STE team.. Don’t complain that this info isn’t readily available for your perusal, this is not something McDonalds does either. This is an unrealistic request of a business, and it is the reason franchises do not disclose this info.

Also, you are obviously not in the business world because 10Ks and Sarbanes Oxley (Not Sarbox, as you call it) are for publicly held companies on the stock market, of which STE is not. Clicking on some early members and deducing that the business is a failure because THOSE PEOPLE did not succeed is a really poor way to judge a business model. I could have bought Yahoo at $30, and I would have had I known it could lead to $300 a share. Does that mean that Yahoo or Google was a poor stock or was it that I just made a poor decision? Again.. Flawed logic.