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With this information, Natsu heads out along with Wendy to go meet her

A week after Wendy and Carla’s welcoming party, Gray returns to the guild after having been gone for a few days. He tells Natsu about a rumor he heard in a nearby town, that a lady named Daphne has spotted a Dragon. [142]

Once Natsu, Wendy, Carla, and Happy, are trapped by Daphne’s Concealment Magic in her inn, Gray appears. He reveals himself to be conspiring with Daphne, and challenges Natsu to a battle to settle everything once and for all. Daphne stresses how she needs the Dragon Slayer for her plans as the battle begins. [142]

As the two fight, Natsu asks Gray why he is betraying Fairy Tail. Gray references «A City Without Sound,» but Natsu not understanding causes him to continue attacking. As they fight, Daphne reveals how she came to Magnolia searching for info about Natsu, and that Gray willingly volunteered to help her. They fight evenly, until Natsu seemingly defeats Gray, but Gray is able to freeze Natsu’s feet to the ground, allowing Daphne to use Hidden Darkness. [143]

The inn soon disappears and Gray is spotted by Erza and Lucy

The spell traps Natsu in Daphne’s invention, the Dragonoid. After Daphne explains her plans, Macao, Elfman and Wakaba arrive on the scene in a four-wheeled magical vehicle driven by Macao. Elfman is quickly able to knock Gray out. They inform Erza that Makarov has told them to bring Gray back to the guild. On the way back, the group is assailed by Daphne’s minions, whom they are able to somehow defeat while protecting an unconscious Gray. [144]

Arriving back at the guild, Elfman faints from his exhaustion from battling. As Gray regains consciousness, Cana yells at him and questions him about his reason to seemingly betray Fairy Tail. But, Juvia backs Gray up, claiming Gray would never betray Fairy Tail. Gray stops Juvia mid-sentence and agrees to go see Makarov. [144]

Gray explains to Makarov his motives and how he just wanted to remind Natsu about the promise he made to the people of the City Without Sound. He never expected it to go so far, and for Natsu to be captured. After hearing this, Makarov lets Gray go to save Natsu, also telling him a plan to take down the Dragonoid. Gray explains everything to his guild mates, who immediately accept him back. [144]

Gray then takes Juvia away from the immediate battle with Daphne’s Lizardmen to a place which he claims is the Dragonoid’s blind spot. Together they perform a Unison Raid on the Dragonoid. This injures and defeats all of the Lizardmen successfully. The Dragonoid functions awkwardly as Natsu starts to fuss inside it. Gray starts insulting Natsu, causing Natsu to start getting irritated, and, soon, Erza and the rest of the guild all do the same. Natsu, emotionally driven, starts to go berserk, releasing Magic Power at a rate greater than the Dragonoid’s capability of draining it. Gajeel shows up shortly and uses his Dragon Slayer’s Secret Art (Karma Demon: Iron Spiral) to bust Natsu out of the Dragonoid itself. Everyone able to make fire use their spells payday loans in Arkansas, combined with Sagittarius’s arrows, to feed Natsu with a «meal,» allowing Natsu to quickly defeat the Dragonoid and capture Daphne. In the end, Natsu and Gray are able to make up, though Natsu still gets mad at Gray for making him fall for the trap. [145]

Edolas arc

The different guilds part ways, Fairy Tail taking a ship back. [146] The group returns to the guild and a party is thrown to celebrate Wendy and Carla’s induction into Fairy Tail. Gray is especially greeted with enthusiasm by Juvia, who almost drowns him and a few other Fairy Tail members with her waterfall tears as she expresses her worry. [147] A few days later, the bells chime, signaling the return of Gildarts Clive, Fairy Tail’s strongest Mage under Makarov. [148] When Gildarts arrives and explains that he has failed the job he had taken, Gray is seen surprised along with the rest of the guild. [149] A few days later, Gray teaches Juvia how to eat some Caramade Franks while Alzack and Bisca watch them, wishing that their relationship was like theirs. [150] Gray, along with the rest of the guild and Magnolia town, is then sucked into Edolas by the Anima. [151]