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Cancer then realizes that he is being outclassed and begins the second round, where they fight while dancing

Gray’s efforts to defeat his opponent are easily thwarted, Cancer cutting through each one of Gray’s frozen structures with his claws. But, as soon as the battle is about to become a melee, Gray gets a hold on Cancer and performs a duet with him instead. The Celestial Spirit is completely infatuated with him by the end and Gray manages to easily catch him off his guard and defeat him. But, as soon as Cancer is taken down, Gray’s sense of shame returns to him and he is horrified by his actions during the showdown. He intimidates Cancer into never speaking about the incident again, then banishes him to the Celestial Spirit World. [344]

Sun Village arc

After returning to the guild, Gray and Natsu take a job together but after finishing their mission quickly, the two Mages break out into a 3 day fight. Despite his face being extremely swollen, Gray continues to throw punches at Natsu, yelling at him that he always acts without thinking. As Erza tries to break up their fight, the two punch her, not realizing what they are doing. As they come to the realization of what they have done, they begin to get scared and invoke her wrath. Back at the guild, both Natsu and Gray tell everyone they will never work with each other again. However, Makarov informs them they have a new job request asking for the two of them. Looking at the request, Makarov becomes eerily serious, but Natsu and Gray continue to say that they will not work together. Makarov tells them that they must take the request and they must not fail, as the request is from Warrod Cken, one of the top four members of the Ten Wizard Saints. Upon hearing this, Gray and Natsu are left speechless. [345]

Heading to meet their client in the mountains, Gray continues bickering with Natsu, telling him he didn’t eat his meat and asking him to fix his hair. Despite stopping momentarily, Gray soon gets into it and tells Natsu he can be defecated by Erza. Suddenly, Wendy spots Warrod Cken’s house, prompting everyone to enter. Warrod tells everyone to keep quiet around his plants but soon reveals that he was joking, prompting Gray to wonder if he is really as great as he is said to be. As Warrod continues talking and telling weak jokes, Gray expresses his ire at the old man. [346]

Moving outside, Warrod explains to the group about the Village of the Sun, which worshiped a powerful burning flame but had since frozen over by unknown means. Despite this, the people lived and Warrod explains that he wants them to save them. Natsu is eager but hearing the job description, Gray feels he is not suited, but is told otherwise by Warrod , who says his power will be needed as well. Hearing Warrod’s further words about how friends in one’s guild help one overcome their problems, Gray looks at Natsu and decides to accept the request alongside his friends. Gathering their stuff, the group is sent flying on a terraforming tree towards their destination, with Gray watching the sights that go by with amazement. [347]

Arriving at the town shortly after, Gray and his friends are shocked to discover that the village is actually one inhabited by giants

However, everything is in fact frozen, and, putting a hand to the ice, Gray remarks that he has never sensed such Magic before, but that for some reason it seems familiar. As the group wonders what to do, they are approached by a trio of men, who reveal that they are treasure hunters who have come to steal the eternal flame from the village now that the giants guarding it are incapacitated. When Gray points out to payday loans NE them that the flame has also been frozen, one of the men procures a bottle from his pocket, revealing that it contains a liquid form of Moon Drip that they intend to use to uncover and procure the flame. Realizing that they themselves could use the liquid to save the town, Gray and the other hastily chase the treasure hunters to steal the bottle from them. [348]