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Manitoba is NDP even though Harper tried to interfere in the Provincial election with the help of Air Canada

It looks like BC is going to go NDP, Christy Clark is trying to turn NH payday loans her Liberals into Fascists with Harper’s help. Alberta is now Red Tory. Saskatchewan has a coalition Government. Andrea Horwath is going to be the next Premier of Ontario. The NDP here is on a roll. Mulcair / NDP own Quebec. Harper no longer has a provincial base. The right idea for all of Canada is to build the Twin Beaver pipe line to carry oil / nat. This would provide two markets for Alberta resources. Isn’t that what we wanting back west from Newfoundland, Quebec, Ontario and Manitoba would be Green / clean / cheap hydro power along the same right-of-way [ above the 55th parallel ] back to Fort McMurray.

This cheap electricity would power the whole area, all of the tar sands infrastructure and the upgraders / refineries located in situ. The tar would be mined, processed into oil on the spot and pumped along with nat. This would mean a combined market of almost 100 million people. The US oil cartel would play no part in this operation. We’d say exactly what the Yanks say to us about doing business south of the border. Go home. Anything we couldn’t buy from the oilies we would expropriate. The Twin beaver will truly be all Canadian and an investment for this Country’s pension funds. Why not invest ot home instead of a third world country. By joining forces the provinces would eliminate any distortion for a hi or low dollar because prosperity would be spread across the land.

We would, by provinces joining together have constructed a firewall around this Nation

Right now the Americans are on their knees financially. They will suck the blood of anyone who falls into their grasp. The oil cartel take $ 120 billion a year out of Alberta. The Province gets a little more than $ 10 billion in royalties. And we, Albertan’s and Canadians have to pay the cost of cleanup from our share. This is absolutely crazy. We can have the $ 100 billion all to ourselves. Not surprisingly Herr Harper is being paid by the oilies to deliver Canada over to them. England has by resisting the EU’s pleas to making charity payments to bail out errant Countries like Greece, Italy and Spain set itself on the road to renewal.

And Canada can help by providing a stable / secure supply of oil / LNG upon which the Brits can build a new future. The USA is a frail power now but it still holds centre stage along with China, Russia and India. If Canada and England form closer ties along with the Commonwealth such a unity of countries could replace the USA as the western world’s leading power. Just like the old days. Isn’t it amazing when you begin to think about how people can work together for the benefit of all the kinds of opportunities that can arise. Britannia would rule the waves once more. We are heading towards a time where Canadian provinces and their various resources could create a cartel to develop a system to combine and utilize all of energy options we possess as a nation to produce Green / clean / cheap power.

Maybe Steve will be able to find a comfortable house in a gated community in the US with the oil cash he received

This arrangement has the potential to shut Herr Harper and his Fascists out in the short run. When Tom Mulcair becomes the next Prime Minister then the skies the limit with this arrangement, Ottawa and the provinces working together. In the immediate future we need to take away Harper’s majority in a legal manner and send him packing down south with his Republican friends. Most gated communities in the States have resident firearms experts. Everybody, men, women and teenagers regularly practise on a range. I think such activities anticipate a time when the American underclass finally gets fed up and rises up.