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In the midst of the battle, Gray is suddenly connected to Warren’s Telepathy

Appearing deep in thought, Gray asks Silver if they have met before, and Silver confirms that he knows the Ice Mage very well

As he listens to the Fairy Tail Mages’ discussions, he notices the noise that turns out to be Mard Geer entering their conversation through his own Telepathy. Mard then uses Alegria and Gray, along with the rest of the Mages, ends up being trapped in the transforming Cube, in spite of his attempts to free himself. [386] After being freed from Alegria by the Celestial Spirit King’s Galaxia Blade, [387] Gray arrives at the location of Lucy’s victory over Jackal, where he stops Silver from freezing Juvia with his ice by canceling it out with his own. After getting a good look at the man, Gray begins to go wide-eyed, but his attention is drawn away by the appearance of Tempester, who attempts to kill them all with a breath of fire. He is, however, saved by Natsu, and together with him, Juvia and Gajeel, Gray stares down the four Nine Demon Gates attempting to kill them. [388]

Believing he knows Silver too, Gray states that though Silver’s face and voice are familiar, he is a different person from the one he recalls, and, glaring Silver down, the Fairy Tail Mage demands to know his identity

Subsequently, Gray eyes Silver, his appearance prompting inquisition. As Natsu, Gajeel, and Juvia all note that the enemy reeks of Gray’s odor, Silver swiftly moves in to snatch Gray from the battlefield, claiming him to be his opponent. Gray can only question Silver’s actions before the two disappearing from sight. [389] The two land shortly after in a separate part of the destroyed Cube, where Silver explains to Gray the true nature of the Face plan: there are over 3,000 Face devices all waiting to be fired in just under an hour. Questioning Silver’s motive in revealing the plan, Gray listens as Silver replies that he just wanted to see despair on Gray’s face, as he thought simply killing him would be boring. [390]

Asking who Silver is yet again, Gray listens as the man reveals that he is his father, something that Gray challenges, as he watched his real father, Silver Fullbuster, die right in front of him, and unsuccessfully attacks the Silver in front of him out of rage. Being continuously beaten away, Gray listens as Silver expresses his joy at Gray’s rage, and tells the boy that his father is most assuredly alive, but states that their destinies are intertwined and that they are fated to fight one another-two claims that Gray doesn’t understand. [391] Attacking the Nine Demon Gate, Gray is pushed back as he learns that his father’s body is merely a vessel for the man to use as his original, demonic form is rather inconvenient appearance-wise. When Silver says that he’s been waiting to kill Gray, Gray questions this, as he has a right to hate the Demon for stealing his father’s corpse, but that the Demon has no right to hate him; Silver reveals his true identity: he is Deliora, the Demon that led to the death of Ur and Gray’s family, and that he wishes to annihilate the rest of Ur’s pupils. Finding this to be impossible, Gray learns that Deliora was indeed killed by Ur, but that Hell’s Core led to his revival; Gray goes on to angrily ask if he truly is Deliora, and when the Demon threatens to reveal his true form to the Fairy Tail Mage, Gray enters a fit of blind rage and rushes at the killer of those precious to him. [392]